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Thank you for deciding to post your employment opportunity(s) with the College of the Canyons Career Services Department. There is no fee to you for this service and your job position(s) will be made available ONLINE to students and community job seekers.

The following are the guidelines for posting online with Career Services & Job Placement:
  • The position must clearly state (no fine print) if there is any form of a fee (and the amount) including background check fee, start up fee, start up package/kit/set/materials fee, licensing/test fee or payroll deduction that may or may not be reimbursable or “earned back” through sales or promotions of items or services.
  • There must be a clear job description
  • There must be a job title (what position(s) are you recruiting for?)
  • The position must include a company name and address (exception: in-home tutoring, daycare, work at a private residence – in these cases, a city name is still required. Staffing agencies are acceptable
  • Non-paid training programs are not eligible for posting
  • All positions must be paid at the current minimum wage or above
  • The position must not discriminate in any way on the basis of sex, national origin or citizenship, religion, language, age, etc.
  • Most job openings are posted on our Facebook/Twitter page for additional advertising
  • We typically do not approve jobs outside of California
  • Jobs are typically only listed for the range of 3 months or less

The Career Services Department reserves the right to determine posting eligibility.


Other important information:
•The posting of an open position does not constitute knowledge, endorsement, or consent by College of the Canyons, nor does College of the Canyons assume any liability for the content of any listing
•There is no guarantee that we will be able to fill your position in any given period of time
•We cannot guarantee that a candidate will work out successfully and cannot be held liable for poor workmanship, performance, etc.


I have read and agree to the guidelines.
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