Interview Information



Mock Interviews: 
     Meet one-on-one with a Career Advisor for a "practice interview".

Perfect Interview Online Program:
     Practice and fine-tune your interview skills using “Perfect Interview”, an innovative online learning tool that can help you:
     - Enhance your job interviewing skills
     - Develop an edge over your competition
     How does it work?
      Respond to challenging questions asked by an interviewer during an online simulated interview
      Repeat each question as often as you like
      See examples of how someone else might answer the question
      If you get stuck, there is a built-in Interview Coach to offer help
      Your responses are recorded with your webcam or just type in your answers.
This interviewing tool is provided by Career Services at no cost to you. Please visit our office to pick up the user code and instructions. 
If you do not have a webcam, you can make an appointment to use our office, or can simply type in your answers.
Interview Help Websites - Videos: - Visit the "Prepare" section and see the interview videos, tips and information.