All off-campus individuals or organizations must secure and maintain comprehensive general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 (one million dollars) per occurrence with coverage for incidental contracts for use of any District facility.
Any individual, group or organization using school property for Civic Center or other purposes shall hold the District, its Board of Trustees, the individual members thereof, and all District officers, agents and employees free and harmless from any loss, damage, liability, cost or expense that may arise during or be caused in any way by such use or occupancy of school property. School property shall be protected from any damage or mistreatment, and permitees shall be responsible for the condition in which they leave the school building. In case school property is damaged, the cost thereof shall be paid by the permitee.
At the District's discretion, a one-time facility use for a classroom-type meeting may be permitted without requiring an insurance certificate.
The Certificate of Insurance (COI) must contain the following: 
  1. General Liability limits of $1,000,000 (combined aggregate) for each occupance (per occurrence with coverage for incidental contracts).
  2. Workers' Compensation Insurance must be evidenced on COI.
  3. Certificate holder must be shown as follows: Santa Clarita Community College District, 26455 Rockwell Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA  91355.   
  4. Group or individual names on policy must be the same as the group or individual listed on the "Application/Permit for Facility Use" form.
  5. Descriptive area must include the name of the facility/building used, name/type of event and specific event date(s).
  6. Must include date of issuance and policy expiration date. Periods of coverage must include event date(s).
  7. Must state that in the event of policy cancellation 30 days written notice will be sent to College of the Canyons, Attn: Civic Center Department.