Classified employees are STRONGLY encouraged by the Classified Senate to participate in college governance through committee attendance and participation. This list contains the most up-to-date information regarding which classified employees are assigned to which committees. If you are currently serving on a committee and do not see your name/committee on this list, please inform the Classified Senate ASAP.

You may submit your committee report by dropping it off at the Classified Senate mailbox in the mailroom, emailing the report to any of the Senate officers, or by submitting your report through our online report submissions page.

Submitted reports will be read at the regular Classified Senate chapter meeting.


•    College Planning Team – Justin Hunt

•    President's Advisory Council Budget – Collette Blanchard, Ron Entrekin,  Andrea Varney

•    Facilities Master Plan Task Force – Janet Cetrone

•    College Policy Council – Cynthia Madia and Evis Wilson

•    Technology Committee – Scott McAfee

•    Safety Committee – Janet Cetrone and Nancy Duffy

•    Advocacy Team – Patrick Backes

•    EEO Advisory Committee – Dori Wolfenstein

•    Student Equity Committee (part of the Institutional Effectiveness and Inclusive Excellence Committee) 

Catherine  Parker and Andrea Varney

•    Bookstore Committee – Debbie Morlett

•    Food Service Committee – Nancy Duffy