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Week 2 (July 17-21)

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In this three part class students will be introduced to basic concepts in Biotechnology, Nursing and EMT Training
In the Biotechnology portion of class students will get a chance to work with their own DNA, do some crime
scene investigating, sample the microbial environment and use a microscope. (3 days)
In Nursing, students will learn the importance of handwashing, how to start an IV, perform a physical assessment including vital signs, witness a birth and assess a newborn.  (1 day)
In the Emergency Medical Technician portion of the day, students will discover the role of an EMT, how to safely stop bleeding, splint a broken bone, triage (sort) patient at the scene of a disaster and perform Hands Only CPR.  (1 day)
Please note: Course schedules are subject to change at instructors discretion.