Intro to Architecture: Create, Design, Build

Week 1 (July 10-14)                    Week 2 (July 17-21)
The theme for this architectural summer challenge is to design and build the Ultimate Backyard.  Students will design a backyard based on the client's needs and then build their ideas in model form. Students will be exposed to designing and building models using landscaping ideas to create barriers, pathways and focal points.  They will be reviewing relationships between hardscape and vegetation in a residential design.  Other factors will include contours and environmental elements relevant to the design.  Some features that will be included in the design will be decks, BBQ areas, seating areas, pool, ect.  There will be discussions on structural stability, drainage, aesthetics, user needs, access and trellis design. 
Here are some snapshots from Architecture
DSC_0030.JPGArch Cropped 2.jpg
DSC_0057.JPGArch 01 Cropped.png
Arch Cropped 3.jpg