Week 1 July (10-14)

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Welding is a mixture of metal art, shaping, forming and welding.  You will use a wide variety of tools and equipment commonly found in a welding/fabrication shop.  There are two main projects planned which includes:
1.  A steel "Scroll Lamp" to brighten your home.
2.  A "Gear clock" made from welded automatic transmission clutch plates that will surely help you get where you're going on time.
Time permitting, you will construct a steel hummingbird and a wall plaque made up of steel flowers, both are sure to become family heirlooms!  In addition, each student will gain experience operating a virtual welding machine and compete for cool prizes.  It's hard work, but a lot of fun!
Please be advised that this class requires special clothing:  Sturdy high top work boots--No hiking boots or athletic shoes.  No synthetic clothing and pants must not have any holes or frays.  Long hair must be tied back so it does not burn or get caught in machinery.  Use of all personal protection equipment such as gloves, safety glasses and jackets is provided at no cost.


Here are some snapshots from Welding

 x0PBmJEmS_04-MOSJKk0XDOpc-0qIvgailQuaAkR38M.jpgPicture1 Welding.jpg
 Picture 2 Welding.jpgwrrXYEkXq81wigzXqlEhNRlIE2dFZj183Rsxc-Gtpw4.jpg