Architecture: Tomorrow's Designs
                                  Week 1 (July 9-13)   Click here to register
This architectural summer's project is to design and build their own residence/model. Students will design yard spaces and a residence using nature as their theme. The challenge will be designing a home above the ground level. Students will be exposed to landscaping ideas to create barriers, pathways and focal points. Basic structural methods will be introduce into their design. Creative solutions will be encouraged and expanded. Students will be introduced to our 'Maker's Space' where lasers used and 3-D Modeling are produced. Contours will be provided from the 'Maker's Space'. The project will include decks, BBQ areas, seating areas, pool, etc. Students will be encourage to exchange ideas and work together as team mates.
Here are some snapshots from last year!
DSC_0030.JPGArch Cropped 2.jpg
DSC_0057.JPGArch 01 Cropped.png
Arch Cropped 3.jpg