Building Your Online Presence and Brand
Your personal brand is the engine of a successful career. Having a strong online presence can lead to new jobs and career opportunities. However, building a personal brand can feel overwhelming if not done correctly.
This course will help you explore the importance of having a personal brand in today's’ economy. It will teach you how to reinvent your online identity, how to create and build your digital presence through the uses of Social Media, a blog, and/or a website.  
How to describe your strengths and skills, and the best approaches to promote your personal brand professionally online.
This workshop is 2 hours each day for 5 days

                                   Course Topics:
1.      Introduction
2.      What is Personal Branding Important?
Why a need to develop your personal brand?
3.      How to Reinvent Your Personal Identity?
Google Search Test
4.      Defining Your Content
How to determine your unique skills?
ü  Define your purpose
ü  Define your character
ü  Define Your Target Audience
ü  Define your channels
5.      Creating Your Personal Branding Statement (Not a mission statement, or job title, it should be a “catchphrase”).
6.      Building Your Online Presence (Website, blog, Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
 How to bring your personal brand to life
7.      Designing and Developing Engaging Content (Online Tools)
How to create the success you deserve with a strong personal brand
8.      How to Continue Developing Strong Social Skills
How to build credibility for your audience to trust you