ESL Noncredit Classes

Summer Session 2015

Noncredit ESL Level 1A and 1B

ESL Level 1 Summer 2015.pdf

​Section Title Days ​Instructor Start Time End Time Start Date End Date Room
16372 ​NC.ESL-1A ​MTWTH ​A. Cruz ​9:00AM ​12:00PM ​06/08/2015 ​07/09/2015 ​UCEN-310
​16373 ​NC.ESL-1B ​MTWTH ​A. Cruz ​9:00AM ​12:00PM ​07/13/2015 ​08/13/2015 ​UCEN-310

Noncredit VSEL-Communication for Employment

VESL Summer 2015.pdf

​Section Title Days Instructor Start Time End Time Start Date​ End Date Room
16371 NC.VESL-01 Communication for Employment CLASS FULL
TWTH M. Meaway 6:30PM 9:30PM 06/09/2015 07/09/2015 BONH-13
Fall Semester 2015
Noncredit ESL Level 1A

​Section ​Title ​Days ​Instructor ​Start Time ​End Time ​Start Date ​End Date ​Location
​17810 ​NC.ESL-1A ​MTWTH ​M. Cruz 8:30AM​ ​11:30AM ​08/24/2015 ​10/15/2015 ​CEM
​17825 NC.ESL-1A​ ​TTH ​P. Claire ​6:00PM ​9:00PM ​08/25/2015 ​12/10/2015 ​MCGR
​17844 NC.ESL-1A​ ​TTH ​G. Ramsey
​10:30AM ​1:30PM ​08/25/2015 ​12/10/2015 ​OTNL
Noncredit ESL Level 1B 
​Section ​Title ​Days ​Instructor ​Start Time ​End Time ​Start Date ​End Date Location
​17814 ​NC.ESL-1B ​MTWTH ​M. Cruz ​8:30AM 11:30AM​ ​10/19/2015 ​12/10/2015 ​CEM
​17816 ​NC.ESL-1B ​TTH ​M. Cordero ​6:00PM ​9:00PM ​08/25/2015 ​12/10/2015 ​LCE
​17843 ​NC.ESL-1B ​MW ​A. Glapa-Grossklag ​9:00AM ​12:00PM ​08/24/2015 ​12/09/2015 ​OTNL
​17859 ​NC.ESL-1B ​MW ​Staff 6:00PM​ ​9:00PM ​08/24/2015 ​12/09/2015 ​CCC-503

Noncredit ESL Level 2A
​Section ​Title ​Days ​Instructor ​Start Time ​End Time ​Start Date ​End Date ​Location
​17819 ​NC.ESL-2A MTWTH​ ​P. Claire ​8:30AM ​11:30AM ​08/24/2015 ​10/15/2015 ​CEM
​17840 ​NC.ESL-2A ​MW ​V. Dubkin ​6:30PM ​9:30PM ​08/24/2015 12/10/2015​ ​MCGR
​17845 ​NC.ESL-2A ​MTWTH ​P. Khoury ​9:00AM ​12:00PM ​08/24/2015 ​10/15/2015 ​UCEN-209

Noncredit ESL Level 2B
​Section ​Title ​Days ​Instructor ​Start Time ​End Time ​Start Date ​End Date ​Location
​17823 NC.ESL-2B​ ​MTWTH ​P. Claire ​8:30AM ​11:30AM ​10/19/2015 ​12/10/2015 ​CEM
​17846 ​NC.ESL-2B ​MTWTH ​P. Khoury ​9:00AM ​12:00PM ​10/19/2015 ​12/10/2015 ​UCEN-209
​17860 ​NC.ESL-2B ​MW ​Staff ​6:00PM ​9:00PM ​08/24/2105 ​12/09/2015 ​CCC-504
Noncredit ESL Level 3A

Section Title Days ​Instructor ​Start Time End Time ​Start Date ​End Date Location
​17865 ​NC.ESL-3A MTWTH​ ​J. Bretz ​9:00AM ​12:00PM 08/24/2015​ ​10/15/2015 ​COMC
​17857 NC.ESL-3A​ ​MTWTH ​M. Wegter ​9:00AM ​12:00PM ​08/24/2015 ​10/15/2015 ​UCEN-309
​17898 ​NC.ESL-3A ​MW ​Staff ​5:30PM ​8:30PM ​08/24/2015 ​12/09/2015 ​LCE-310

Noncredit ESL Level 3B
​Section ​Title ​Days ​Instructor ​Start Time ​End Time ​Start Date ​End Time ​Location
​17866 ​NC.ESL-3B ​MTWTH ​J. Bretz ​9:00AM ​12:00PM ​10/19/2015 ​12/10/2015 ​COMC
​17858 ​NC.ESL-3B ​MTWTH ​M. Wegter ​9:00AM ​12:00PM ​10/19/2015 ​12/10/2015 ​UCEN-309
​17861 ​NC.ESL-3A ​MW ​M. Cordero ​6:00PM ​9:00PM ​08/24/2015 ​12/09/2015 ​CCC-509

Noncredit ESL Level 4A

​Section ​Title ​Days ​Instructor ​Start Time ​End Time ​Start Date ​End Date ​Location
​17841 ​NC.ESL-4A ​MTWTH ​A. Cruz ​8:30AM 11:30AM​ ​08/24/2015 ​10/15/2015 ​MCGR
​17862 ​NC.ESL-4A ​TTH ​K. Lendman ​6:00PM ​9:00PM ​08/25/2015 ​12/10/2015 ​CCC-602
​17899 ​NC.ESL-4A ​MW ​A. Panczenko ​6:00PM ​9:00PM ​08/24/2015 ​12/09/2015 ​LCE-406
​17900 ​NC.ESL-4A ​MTWTH ​C. Vicencio ​9:00AM ​11:30AM ​08/24/2015 ​10/15/2015 ​RIOV
​17902 ​NC.ESL-4A ​MTWTH ​M. Cordero ​9:00AM ​12:00PM ​08/24/2015 ​10/15/2015 ​CSCS

Noncredit ESL Level 4B

​Section ​Title ​Days ​Instructor ​Start Time ​End Time ​Start Date ​End Date ​Location
​17842 ​NC.ESL-4B ​MTWTH ​A. Cruz ​8:30AM ​11:30AM ​10/19/2015 ​12/10/2015 ​MCGR
​17863 ​NC.ESL-4B ​MW ​T. Rix ​6:00PM ​9:00PM ​08/24/2015 ​12/09/2015 ​CCC-305
​17901 ​NC.ESL-4B ​MTWTH ​C. Vicencio ​9:00AM ​11:30AM ​10/19/2015 ​12/10/2015 ​RIOV
​17903 ​NC.ESL-4B ​MTWTH ​M. Cordero ​9:00AM ​12:00PM ​10/19/2015 ​12/10/2015 ​CSCS

Noncredit ESL Class Locations:
Canyon Springs Community SchoolCSCS
19059 Vicci Street
Canyon Country, CA 91351
Cedarcreek Elementary SchoolCEM
27792 Camp Plenty Road
Canyon Country, CA 91351
College of the Canyons
Canyon Country CampusCCC
17200 Sierra Highway
Canyon Country, CA 91351
Parking permit required.
College of the Canyons
Valencia Campus
UCEN University Center
BOHNBonelli Hall
26455 Rockwell Canyon Road
Santa Clarita, CA 91355
Parking permit required.
Leona Cox Community SchoolLCE
18643 Oakmoor Street
Santa Clarita, CA 91351
McGrath ElementaryMCGR
21501 Deputy Jake Drive
Newhall, CA 91321
661- 291-4090
Old Town Newhall LibraryOTNL
24500 Main Street
Santa Clarita, CA  91321
Santa Clarita Community CenterCOMC
22421 Market Street
Newhall, CA 91321
Rio Vista Elementary SchoolRIOV
20417 Cedarcreek Street
Canyon Country, CA 91351