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The GED Preparation class prepares students to pass the four sections of the General Education Development Test: Reasoning through Language Arts, Science, Mathematical Reasoning, and Social Studies. Students should have basic computer literacy to utilize the GED tutorial software. College of the Canyons offers these free classes to help you get ready to pass your GED exam. New students may join at any point in the semester, but we encourage you to enroll as soon as possible.
Noncredit Arithmetic I and II is a two-course sequence in basic arithmetic including fractions, mixed numbers, and percentages. Each course is offered in an open entry/exit format. Offered pass/no pass only.
These Success Skills classes have been developed to help students reach their academic and workplace goals.
For further information or to speak with an advisor, please contact us at 661-362-3304.
GED Testing
Reasoning Through Language Arts Science Mathematical Reasoning Social Studies
If you are ready to start taking your GED tests*,
please log in to GED.COM and follow the prompts to create a MyGED account 
To register for the GED tests and to select a test site,
day and time to take tests, please log in to: GED.COM 
READ and follow all instructions for registration requirements for the day of testing.
Options for testing sites include Santa Clarita Community College District – College of the Canyons Valencia Campus
* If you are not ready to start taking your GED tests, remember: 
Our GED Preparation courses can help students prepare to take the GED tests.