GED Preparation

These Noncredit classes are FREE!

The GED Preparation class
prepares students to pass the five sections of the General Education Development Test: Reading, Writing I and II (essay), Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics. Students should have basic computer literacy to utilize the GED tutorial software.
College of the Canyons offers these free classes to help you get ready to pass your GED exam.
New students may join at any point in the semester, but we encourage you to enroll as soon as possible.
Noncredit Arithmetic I and II is a two-course sequence in basic arithmetic including fractions, mixed numbers, and percentages. Each course is offered in an open entry/exit format. Offered pass/no pass only.

Thees Success Skills classes have been developed to help students reach their academic and workplace goals.
For further information or to speak with an advisor, please contact us at 661-362-3304.

Fall Semester 2015 Schedule

GED Preparation
​Section ​Title ​Instructor ​Days ​Start Time ​End Time ​Start Date ​End Date ​Location
​17905 ​GED Preparation ​S. Prier ​MTWTH ​9:30AM 12:30PM ​08/24/2015 ​12/10/2015 ​Hasley Hall-306   Valencia Campus
​17906 ​GED Preparation ​S. Prier ​MTWTH ​5:30PM ​8:00PM ​08/24/2015 ​12/10/2015 ​Hasley Hall-306   Valencia Campus
17904​ ​GED Preparation ​M. Lofton ​MW ​5:30PM ​8:30PM ​08/24/2015 ​12/09/2015 ​CCC-308            Canyon Country Campus Campus
​18885 ​GED Preparation ​S. Prier ​TTH ​1:30PM ​3:30PM ​10/06/2015 ​12/10/2015 ​Hasley Hall-306   Valencia Campus

Noncredit Basic Arithmatic
​Section ​Title ​Instructor ​Days ​Start Time ​ End Time ​Start Date ​ End Date ​ Location
​18733 ​Noncredit Arithmatic I
T. Paraon ​Monday and Wednesday ​7:35PM ​10:00PM ​09/21/2015 ​10/28/2016 ​Hasley Hall-134 Valencia Campus
​18734 Noncredit Arithmatic II​
​T. Paraon ​Monday and Wednesday ​7:35PM ​10:00PM ​11/02/2015 ​12/09/2015 ​Hasley Hall-134 Valencia Campus



GED Fall Flyer 2015.pdfGED Fall Flyer 2015.pdfNoncredit Arithmatic  Fall 2015.pdfNoncredit Arithmatic Fall 2015.pdf