Academic Standing

What is Academic Standing?

All COC students are upheld to academic standing guidelines. Academic standing is determined exclusively by academic and progress completed at College of the Canyons and is calculated at the end of the fall and spring semesters after grades are posted. Academic refers to the cumulative grade point average (GPA) and progress refers to the completion of cumulative units attempted.

Academic standing is not calculated until students have 12 graded units of College of the Canyons coursework and progress standing is not calculated until students have attempted 12 units of College of the Canyons coursework.

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Good Standing

Students are in good standing when they meet the following:

  1. Academic standards - Having a cumulative 2.0 or better GPA in all COC coursework.

  2. Progress standards - 50% or more of all cumulative COC coursework is completed with grades and not withdrawals, incompletes, or no pass notations.

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When students first experience difficulty with academic and/or progress standards, they are initially placed on probation. There are three levels of academic standing with probation as the first level, subject to dismissal second, and dismissal the final stage. It takes three consecutive semesters for a student to go from being on probation to being dismissed.