Forms & Handouts

Counseling Forms  
Appeal Form for Dismissed Students  
Application for Academic Renewal and Instructions for Completing Application for Academic Renewal  
Petition for Graduation  
Petition to Register for over 18 Units  
Request for Letter of Recommendation  
Transcript Evaluation Request  
Career Preparation TimeLine  
Counseling Appointment Preparation  
Educational Options at COC  
ESL - English As A Second Language Course Sequence Chart  
English Course Sequence Chart  
Foreign Transcript Evaluation Agencies  
GPA Calculation Worksheet  
Goal Setting  
Campus Resources & Support Services  
Math Course Sequence Chart  
New Student Advisement - How to schedule 1st semester classes  
Path to RN (Registered Nurse)  
Problem Solving  
Questions to Ask When Visiting a College or University  
Student Educational Plan Worksheet  
Study Skills Checklist  
The Brain, Studying, and Deep Learning  
Time Management - "How to Avoid Procrastination"  
Useful College Websites  
VA Approved Educational Programs  
What Do I Need to Become A Teacher in California?  
Preparation for Graduate Professional Programs & List of Schools
Pre-Chiropractic Advisement Guide  
Pre-Dentistry Advisement Guide  
Pre-Medicine Advisement Guide  
Pre-Optometry Advisement Guide  
Pre-Pharmacy Advisement Guide  
Pre-Physician's Assistant Advisement Guide  
Pre-Podiatry Advisement Guide  
Pre-Veterinary Medicine Advisement Guide  
Becoming a Physician