Women's Resources Megasites

First and one of the most comprehensive searchable directories of links to female-friendly sites and information on the WWW.
Founded by former NOW President, Eleanor Smeal, this organization recruits women to run for political office and stand up for women's rights and empowerment. This web site serves as a feminist Internet gateway, a university network, and career center. There are also sections on global feminism, research, affirmative action, and breast cancer.
Index from the University of North Carolina with links to educational and professional support organizations. There are also sections devoted to re-entry students, parenting, women's studies, sports and other women's resources on the WWW.
The premier search directory for women online. Mailing lists and chats are also included. Main categories include: Arts & Entertainment, Women in Business, Women & Computers, Women's Resources, Personal Time, Science & Technology, Diversity, Education, Shopping, Feminism, Women's Sports, and Health.
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