Workshop Schedule

Valencia Campus

CCC Campus

First-Semester Academic Probation UPGRADE Workshop

The 2-hour UPGRADE workshop is required of students at the end of their first semester on Academic Probation. Counselors work with students to analyze past academic performance and to strengthen individual commitment, motivation, and skill sets. Students will leave with a realistic, personalized, action plan for the next semester. First semester probation students must complete the UPGRADE workshop to have their registration hold released.

Second-Semester Academic CPR Workshop

The 2-hour Academic CPR workshop is required of students at the end of their second semester on Academic Probation. The workshop counselor will concentrate on the different strategies to use to pick classes, balance responsibilities, and take practical steps to maintain enrollment at COC.  The establishment of short and long term goals is an important feature of the final action plan.  Second semester probation students must complete the Academic CPR workshop to have their registration hold released.

New Students Advisement Workshop

This workshop welcomes new students to the college and teaches them what factors to consider when planning their schedules to meet their academic goals. This is a 2-hour workshop facilitated by a counselor.  The student learning outcome for this workshop is a first semester education plan.

This workshop is a mandatory matriculation step for summer and fall 2015 priority registration.  Please see our New Student Checklist page for more details.

My Majors Workshop

MY MAJORS is a series of workshops surrounding careers associated with a variety of majors offered at College of the Canyons. Do you love history, social science, philosophy, or communications studies but have no idea what careers are associated with these majors or the salary you could earn? A Career Counselor will present fifteen different majors to help you make an informed decision about your major and ultimately a career choice.  All workshops are held on the Valencia campus, last one hour, and are held in Canyons Hall 211. No RSVP necessary, walk-ins welcome, bring a friend.

Adult Reentry Information Session

This workshop welcomes adult students, 28 years of age or older, back to college after taking a break from their education. If you need assistance transitioning back to school, knowledge about counseling services and college resources, how to make career and educational choices, and an interactive format with counselors and adults like you, attend this information session.