General Mental Health Resources: 

A part of Psych Web, this resource discusses extensively such topics of concern to college students such as stress management, time management, goal setting and planning skills, and improving your memory.
Contains a Consumer Guide to Marriage and Family Therapy, including how to find a qualified therapist, and career info for those interested in pursuing training to become an MFT.
Information Center about emotional disorders. Free fact sheets provide info and describe how and where to obtain help.
Psych Central (Dr. Grohol's Mental Health Page)
Psychology Web Pointer. Assists in locating info associated with mental health, psychology, and support resources, provided as a public service. General resources are separate from professional resources.
American Psychological Association brochures providing information on mental health and issues facing all of us, including how to choose a psychologist.
A collection of mental health-related pamphlets from various university counseling centers. Included are topics such as assertiveness, stress, study skills, time management, traumatic events, relationships, sexual assault, depression, eating disorders, anxiety, and substance abuse.


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