Searchable Job Banks 

Search for local jobs, in the  Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, Conejo Valley, Burbank and Glendale.
This search engine focuses on professional and technical positions and also includes a Job Newsgroup search engine which indexes 100+ job newsgroups with a variety of job categories. 650+ corporate recruiting links can also be found here.
This is a free service of the US Department of Labor and State Public Employment Service Agencies. More than a quarter of a million jobs are listed in this database with all categories of jobs represented. About 5% are government jobs. Most are full-time and in the private sector. It can be searched by type of job, state, or keyword and also includes a link to information about 250 occupations listed in The Occupational Outlook Handbook.
Sponsored by the California Development Department (EDD), this job bank provides an electronic listing and resume system for California residents. Listings in English and Spanish.
Search by geographic region (including international), employment field, company, industry.
A site developed by the Wall Street Journal for college students and recent grads, featuring job-hunting tips and a database of thousands of companies with job openings as well as salary and other miscellaneous career info.
Provides links to job opportunities in "great places." Listings include resort jobs, cruise jobs, camp jobs, ski jobs, and volunteer/internships opportunities.
The best site for engineers, coders, systems administrators, and web developers.
A huge site that pulls over 500,000 jobs from company websites.
High profile jobs that can be searched by occupation, keyword, location or company.
A much smaller site than Monster or HotJobs but includes many large corporations.  This site has "multicultural villages" and tips for breaking down walls.
This site provides information for you to find exactly how, when and where to apply to almost every major U.S. company directly
Another searchable job site.
The pioneer job placement and career exploration site!
You can search for jobs by state and keywords or follow links to temporary agencies for all types of employees with job listings at each individual site.
From the Management Center, a non-profit employment resources database where you can search for jobs from The Management Center's weekly publication of job openings. Billed as California's "most comprehensive source of professional and diverse employment opportunities in the fields of health, education, environment, arts, and social service.
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