Self-Help and Support Resources: 

Part of Mental Health Net, this site is a self-help sourcebook online. This is a starting point for exploring real-life (not online) support groups and networks available throughout the world and in the community in a huge variety of areas.
Offers hyperlinked worldwide directory of these 12 step programs for families and friends of alcoholics.  If you are affected by someone else’s drinking, you can find referrals and support at this site. An Information for Professionals section is also included.  In English and Spanish. 
From the American Psychological Association, this site offers information and advice on how psychological services can help people cope with problems.  A free brochure is also available to order.  Tips on how to choose a psychologist are also included.
Links to NA groups around the world plus an international list of helplines.
Click on "Self-Help Materials".  Collection of wide selection of documents, Internet resources, referrals and reading lists to assist with day-to-day stresses and difficult periods. It is not meant to replace face-to-face counseling. Primary topics are Stress and Anxiety, Relationships, Alcohol & Drugs, Overcoming Depression and Preventing Suicide, Coping with Death and Grief, Health, Diet & Body Image, and Study Skills.


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