Great site:
Search for occupational licensing requirements by state, occupation or agency at www.careerinfonet.org/acinet/licensedoccupations/lois_state.asp
American Institute of Architects Careers in Architecture
Learn more about architectural careers.
Architectural Careers An interactive guide to careers in architecture.  Reviews what it takes to become an architect including education, experience and exams.  Very comprehensive!
Architecture Schools.com Research and compare over 100 architectural programs, read interviews with architects, explore career info.
Art Schools.com Research and compare art schools, learn how to prepare a portfolio, explore career and graduate school information.
Design Schools.com Research and compare design programs.
Fashion Schools.com Research and compare fashion programs.
Graphic Design Schools.com Research and compare graphic design programs.
National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) List of Programs Lists U.S. accredited Bachelor and Master Degree programs.
 Resource DD
Business Schools.com Research and compare business programs.
Small Business Administration
Helpful site for self-employed business owner or for someone who wants to start a business. Lists local SBA offices, workshops and Small Business Development Centers.
Become A Librarian Different types of library careers are examined and links to scholarships and American Library Association accredited programs are included.
This site has been designed to recruit qualified persons to the teaching profession.  It includes information for prospective teachers, requirements to teach and an online database of teaching jobs.
California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST)
Information about  and sample questions from the CBEST test and new alternatives to the CBEST for California teaching credential candidates.
Commission on Teacher Credentialing (State of California)
All kinds of information on teaching credentials and Children's Center Permits.
National Clearinghouse for Professions in Special Education Explores career choices in special education and education resources.
Environmental Education.com Research and compare environmental education programs and explore career opportunities.
Environmental Careers Organization
National non-profit educational organization providing environmental career information. Internship opportunities are listed as well as their events and publications.
 Resource De
A comprehensive look at the many forensics careers available explained in a very student-friendly manner.
Forensic Science Programs
A list of undergraduate programs in forensic science.
 Resources Description
An excellent overview of geographic fields.  Also includes a Job Search and Internship Guide for Geographers from the Association of American Geographers.
A listing of over 200+ health care job sites.  Employer profiles, salary info and job listings are typically found on each site.  A huge resource!
Job listings for RN's, LVN's, CNA's, etc. plus an online resume function as well.
Chiropractic Colleges on the Net
A listing of Chiropractic colleges can be found at:
A listing of dental schools in the US and Canada as well as programs in Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, and  Dental Laboratory Technology.
Provides students applying to medical and dental schools with online diaries of students in med school, info on test-taking and financial aid, as well as assistance in writing application essays.
From the Association of American Medical Colleges
Preparing for Medical School from the American Medical Association
From the Coalition for Nursing Careers in California, a great site for those exploring nursing as a possible career field.  Contains info on nursing career options, paying for nursing school, faqs, and finding out whether nursing is right for you!  Real stories from nurses and nursing students are included.
From Johnson & Johnson, a site to check out if you want to view benefits, & salaries, search for programs and scholarships and explore the wide range of nursing specialties.
Designed to further the understanding of nursing for the public. Provides a forum for nursing students and medical professionals to obtain and disseminate information about nursing.
A complete list of California's Associate Degree, Baccalaureate Degree, and Entry Level Master's Degree programs.
List of accredited Occupational Therapy and Occupational Therapy Assistant programs listed by state.   A part of the American Occupational Therapy Association Webpage.
Links to pharmacy programs, mailing lists, and other WWW resources.
An excellent resource for prospective pharmacy students developed by the American Association of colleges of Pharmacy.  Features career info, including job outlook and role of pharmacists.  Admissions and curriculum info, financial aid info and a list of Pharmacy colleges and schools is also included. Click "For Students".
Description of profession and links to physical therapy resources as well as accredited programs for physical therapists and physical therapy assistants.
Provides information about the profession. Designed to educate those considering applying to PA programs.
Job listings, career info, lists of US programs (Associate Degree, Bachelors, Masters), occupational outlook,etc.
Find accredited Athletic Training programs at this site.
Veterinary medicine resources including links to vet schools and organizations, a pet care site, and the virtual "Electronic Zoo". Highly recommended by many reviewers.
Hospitality Net
An Internet resource for the global hospitality industry. Includes an index of Hospitality jobs sought and opportunities available, hospitality events, and other hospitality WWW resources. Students and graduates may list their qualifications and positions desired here.
Cooking Schools.com A searchable national cooking and culinary school directory.
 Resource Description
How Do I Prepare for Law School? Required reading for any student considering law school. From Baylor University.
Law School Admission Council
This site gives students comprehensive information about the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).  Addressed are topics such as Thinking About Law School, Applying to Law School, Downloading Forms, and Legal Education Resources.
Paralegal Programs ABA accredited Paralegal Programs.
National Federation of Paralegals Association
From the National Federation of Paralegals Association comes a directory of Paralegal programs, a discussion of the nature of the work, how to choose a training program, and scholarship information.
Preparation for Legal Education
Here you will find valuable pre-law preparation information including the skills required to ABA approved schools, law school rankings, and financial aid information.
Audio Engineering Degrees Describes the job of the audio engineer and provides a list of university and vocational school programs that offer training opportunities and degrees.
Film Underground
This site is for those interested in careers in film production and screenwriting. It offers  film-related information, resources, and even instruction.
TV Jobs: Broadcast Employment Services
Comprehensive bulletin board for most US network TV stations and affiliates. Job Bank and internships are listed in technical and professional categories. Also featured is a section on Education which lists colleges offering Telecommunications-related classes, Internships, professional Broadcast Schools and professional development opportunities.
Resource Description
Outdoor Action Guide to Outdoor Environmental Careers
Overview of employment opportunities in outdoor recreation.
At this comprehensive social work site, you will find an online job bank, message board, chat areas, but most important, a career center which features info on getting social work jobs, social work salaries, etc.
 Resources Description
Computer Schools.com Research and compare computer schools, training programs, and certification.
CATIA Job Network
Nationwide employment database for those with computer-aided design skills.
Dice.com The searchable job bank for those looking for jobs in engineering, coding, systems administration and web development.
Mentor Net is the National Electronic Industrial Mentoring Network for women studying engineering or science at one of 25 universities although, in the future, it could be available at others.  This resource provides online personal mentoring for female students in science and engineering.