Study Abroad

The following test giants' sites have been described above in the College Information or Career Megasite sections:
Search by country for 800 study abroad programs, intensive language programs, internships, programs.  One hundred countries are included.  An online Study Abroad Handbook is also included.  Another great international site!
A web-based manual from University of California, Irvine’s Center for International Education which is designed to teach college and university students about using the Internet to find and prepare for international study.
Information on "all kinds of international educational experiences" from summer language camps to graduate research. Offered in five languages, this site is a compilation of intercultural and educational programs around the world for all ages. Experiences include university study, adult enrichment, foreign language immersion, volunteering, internships, teen camps, etc. You may search by country or type of program.
A comprehensive on-line resource including searchable directories for study abroad, language schools, overseas internships, international volunteer positions, jobs abroad, US universities and eco-travel. 
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