Women in the Workplace and Non-Traditional Careers:

Networking with women in the workplace is the focus of this site. It features live chat, news for women in the workplace (including that related to sexual harassment and Discrimination), a career strategy column, and an online journal called "Women and Leadership."
International job bank and career advice for women in technology fields.
The most interesting feature of this site is its section containing Fact Sheets on women in the workplace with titles such as Women in Management, Domestic Violence: A Workplace Issue, 20 Facts on Women Workers, Earning Differences Between Men and Women, and Women who Maintain Families. Features bulletin boards, networking, and career opportunities in technology and management. Homepage of an employment network for women which features 1300 educational, training and employment programs in the United States.  These programs are dedicated to helping women achieve economic self-sufficiency.  A toll-free telephone hotline (A Call for Change) is available as is an information and referral resource.
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