Pre-Approved Ven​​dors: 

​​Live Captioning

​Real time remote captioning of classes, lectures, and podcasts, that are delivered live via webcast, broadcast, ITV, etc.

Teleperformance Rapidtext, Inc., Sworn Testimony, and VITAC


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Teleperformance Rapidtext

Your One-Stop Vendor for all services under the Grant

Realtime Captioning Services

  • Live Classes
  • Any live streaming media

Realtime Transcription Services

  • Live lectures, podcasts, etc.
  • Any live streaming media

Contact:  Sharon Turner
1-800-234-0304 ext 47124​


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Sworn Testimony

Exceeding your expectations......reliable, quality service, professional teamwork

Sworn Testimony, PLLC provides Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) and captioning services for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.  These services are a word-for-word speech-to-text interpreting service for people who need communication access.  Most individuals are familiar with this technology through closed-captioning, which is widely used in television broadcasting.  CART and captioning services are an innovative technological advancement granting equal access to individuals in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Contact:  Lisa Schwarze



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VITAC Closed Captioning (Formerly Caption Colorado)

VITAC Corporation is the country’s largest provider of closed captioning and accessible media solutions to clients in the media and entertainment, education, corporate and government sectors..

No company has people more experienced in the development of captioning systems and techniques than VITAC.


-  Offline/pre-recorded captioning

-  Transcription/as-broadcast/continuity docs

-  On time delivery: 99.9% delivery within the hour requested.

-  Availability: 24 hours/day, 365 days/year our service experts handle your calls.

-  FCC Compliance: VITAC certifies all captions comply with FCC Caption Quality Best Practices for Accuracy, Synchronicity, Completeness and Placement.​

Contact:  James MacPherson
724-514-4090, 800-775-7838