Pre-Approved Ven​​dors: 

​​Live Captioning

​Real time remote captioning of classes, lectures, and podcasts, that are delivered live via webcast, broadcast, ITV, etc.

AI Media and VITAC



Ai Media


Ai-Media is dedicated to ending the experience of social, education and vocational exclusion by creating economic access solutions for people with disabilities. We deliver accurate remote live captioning, CART, closed captioning, transcription and described video services. We work with the College of the Canyons and other higher education institutions globally in contributing to a more inclusive world.

Link to Ai-Media's DECT page:

​Contact:  Markus Lessing





VITAC Closed Captioning 

VITAC is the largest provider of captioning in the United States, responsible for over 525,000 hours of realtime captioning every year.  Our customers include broadcast networks, cable stations, local news providers, government agencies, educational institutions, and corporations.  While our size is notable, our people, capacity and technical expertise are our true differentiator.  Our investment in our people, process, and technology are unmatched in the industry.  We're proud to be recognized as an approved vendor for realtime captioning for California Community Colleges.

Our educational captioning services include:



  • ​Internet Caption Streaming (ICS) Service: our captioner listens to a conference call, lecture or meeting and sends captions direct to a web page, to be accessed by students or projected onscreen.  The final transcript may be downloaded by the user during or after an event.  Sample: 
  • Integration with web conferencing platforms, including Zoom, WebEx and Adobe Connect.  Read more about captioning integrations on our website:
  • Traditional television and web captioning options, using real or virtual caption encoders, for events streamed via YouTube, Facebook Live and other platforms.

A leader in the captioning market for more than three decades, VITAC's live captioning solutions include the largest and best workforce of captioners in the business, supported by a team of engineers, schedulers, and production coordinators.

Contact:  Dave Battinieri