About Online & Hybrid Classes

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  • No on-campus class meetings
  • Full-semester and short-term classes (Go! classes are short term)
  • TLC also offers online tutoring through Blackboard for students enrolled in online course
Please note: There will be no scheduled on-campus class meetings. However, your instructor may require that you take tests or other assessments at an approved institution such as a college or library near your home. This information should be included in the instructor's course description or orientation letter. Please contact your instructor to verify testing requirements. For information on setting up test proctoring, click here.
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  • A type of online class that has some on-campus meetings
  • Much of the coursework is done in an online or alternative format using Blackboard
  • Classes meet occasionally face-to-face in a classroom at scheduled times
  • Double-check the Schedule of Classes and your instructor's orientation letter to know when and where the class meets on campus. 

Learn more on our FAQ page!

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What to Do After You Register for an Online or Hybrid Class
Once you’ve registered for an online or hybrid class, there are a few important steps to complete:
1.       Read your instructor’s orientation letter found at www.canyons.edu/Online
2.       Familiarize yourself with MyCanyons (http://my.canyons.edu)
3.       Familiarize yourself with Blackboard (http://bb.canyons.edu)
4.       Obtain textbooks and other necessary materials (as detailed in your instructor’s orientation letter)
5.       On the first day of class, log in to Blackboard and begin each course. If you do not log in to Blackboard and view each course on the first day, it’s as if you did not attend class on the first day and you may be dropped from the course.
If you have questions about your Blackboard course (submitting assignments/tests, accessing documents, participating in discussions, etc.) or your online/hybrid class is not listed on Blackboard, please contact your instructor.