Read Your Instructor's Orientation Letter

What is an orientation letter? Orientation letters are written by the instructor and give details about the course. These details may include policies, required textbooks, important dates, exam details, etc.

What classes have orientation letters? Only online classes (including Go! classes) and hybrid classes (including PACE classes) have orientation letters.


Spring 2015 Orientation Letters for SPRING 2015 Online & Hybrid Classes 

Winter 2015 Orientation Letters for WINTER 2015 Online & Hybrid Classes

Fall 2014  Orientation Letters for FALL 2014 Online & Hybrid Classes

Summer 2014 Orientation Letters for SUMMER 2014 Online and Hybrid Classes

Spring 2014  Orientation Letters for SPRING 2014 Online and Hybrid Classes

Orientation letters are displayed as PDF files. Click here to access a free Adobe Reader download.