1. What does PACE Stand for?
Progressive Adult College Education.


2. I was in COC’s PACE program years ago. How has the program changed in recent years?
PACE classes are still available, and are offered as hybrid classes (both online and face-to-face meetings) that meet on occasional Saturdays. We no longer require an orientation for these classes, so all are welcome to register.

3. Are PACE classes offered during short terms (Winter, Summer)?
No. PACE classes are only offered Fall and Spring semesters.

4. What type of classes are offered?  
Hybrid classes that usually meet on occasional Saturdays and online; a variety of subject areas are available. Click here to see the schedule of courses.  

5. What are the eligibility requirements for PACE classes?
You must be a COC student to register for online or hybrid classes (complete a COC application and take a math/English placement test). Students should be eligible for ENG81 before starting PACE. Students are responsible to meet all the prerequisites for each specific course they are taking.


6. What are some tips for succeeding in Distance Learning?
Awesome question! Click here to learn more.