PAL Cohorts Offered


PAL classes are offered in cohorts. Cohorts are groups of classes (usually 2 or 3 classes) that are linked together. You must register for each class in the cohort. You cannot take one class in the cohort without taking the other(s). Sorry, but there are no exceptions. You will register for these classes separately, but they will be completed in one semester and feel like one educational experience with the same professor and classmates. 


Click the links below to view PAL cohort options:


Spring 2016: Spring 2016 PAL Cohort schedule

Winter 2016: PAL is not offered during winter

Fall 2015Fall 2015 PAL Cohort schedule  

Summer 2015: PAL is not offered during summer

Spring 2015: Spring 2015 PAL Cohort Schedule

Winter 2015: PAL is not offered during winter

Fall 2014: Fall 2014 PAL Cohort schedule

Summer 2014: PAL is not offered during summer

Spring 2014: Spring 2014 PAL Cohort schedule


Math Classes Offered Through PAL:

 English Classes Offered through PAL:




For more information about PAL classes or other Distance & Accelerated Learning classes, please visit the Distance Learning class schedule. Using this Distance Learning filter, you can search for classes in a specific program (PAL, Weekend College, Go! online or hybrid).