Blackboard Tutorials (For Instructors)

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Basic Blackboard Topics

The Course Environment VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.) 

The Course Environment  PDF (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)

Getting Started with the Grade Center PDF (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)

Grade Center Features (Source: University of Illinois, Chicago)

Adding Content to your Course VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)

Creating a Blank Page VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)

Making Tools Available on the Course Menu VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc)

Making Courses Available to Students VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)
Creating a Grade Center Column VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)
Edit Mode Overview PDF (Source: Northeastern University)
What Do Each of the Course Modules Do? WEB (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)


Intermediate/Advanced Blackboard Topics

Blackboard Mobile Learn Demos (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)

Creating a Blog VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)

Creating a Journal VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)

Creating Single Groups and Adding Users VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)

Creating a Mash-up -You Tube, Flicker & SlideShare VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)
Using the New Content Editor VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)
Adding Content to Course Home Page VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)
Creating a Wiki VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)

Creating a Lesson Plan VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)

Creating a Rubric VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)

Creating a Learning Module VIDEO (source: Blackboard, Inc.)

Creating Grade Center Reports VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)

Creating Smart Views in Grade Center VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)

Overview – New Calendar VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)

Overview – New Discussion Board VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)

Overview – Item Analysis (assessment analysis) VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)

Blackboard Retention Center VIDEO (Source: Blackboard, Inc.)

Grade Center Scroll Bars Disappearing on Mac OS X - Help Guide (Source: University of Richmond)

Copy All/Part of Your Course to a New Course Shell WEBSITE (Source: University of Texas - Arlington)


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