Open Educational Resources

Wouldn’t a FREE textbook be nice?
Open educational resources (OERs) are online learning objects that are free to use and share for all, as long as credit to the author is given. We at College of the Canyons are committed to doing more research and study into how to lower the cost of educational materials for students.
I am a student at College of the Canyons. What can I do to help make this happen?
We are working to partner with student government on campus to help promote our efforts. As we have more information, we will be sure to share it on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.
I am a faculty member at College of the Canyons. What can I do to get involved?
Through our U.S. Department of Education FIPSE grant, we have limited funding to help you plan, record, produce, and caption video and animation content. Please contact John Makevich (661-362-3102) to set up an appointment.
Check out what we are building!
We’re in the process of building a repository with all kinds of OER content. Click here to enter the repository and explore.