Distance Learning Workshops & Trainings

The Distance & Accelerated Learning office offers many workshops to support faculty and staff in delivering quality education.  Our workshops are delivered as part of the College of the Canyons Professional Development program. Click here to find a schedule of upcoming workshops. 
Workshops we offer include (selection varies by semester):
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Does My Online or Hybrid Course Count as Distance Education?

Strategic Goal: Institutional Effectiveness

Come to this session, log into your Canvas shell, and show off the good work you’re doing in your online or hybrid course! This session will give you an opportunity to receive coaching and guidance from the Distance and Accelerated Learning Department as to whether or not your course has the required elements of a distance education course, based on accreditation guidelines. Be prepared to share your course with us, and perhaps others in the room, to receive constructive feedback.
Learning Outcome: Participants will share the structure of their online or hybrid course and will receive feedback as to whether or not it meets guidelines for a distance education course.



Canvas_vertical_color.png Enhancing Online Student to Student Communication: Class-Wide and Small-Group Canvas Discussion Strategies
One of the most challenging teaching methods, creating effective class discussions, can also be one of the most rewarding. This workshop is designed for faculty who are interested in enhancing their student to student interaction via discussion boards, especially small group discussion boards. It will explore various tool options available to instructors as the create forums and cover some fundamentals for effective discussion board assignment design.
Learning Outcomes: By the end of this session, participants will be able to identify a wide variety of options for using the Canvas discussion board features and how to design effective small group discussion activities.

Why Do I Need Canvas? I Don’t Teach Online!

Strategic Goal: Teaching & Learning
You're a face-to-face instructor, so why would you need a Canvas shell, and why should you care? This workshop will show you both pedagogical and pragmatic reasons on-ground instructors should make use of Canvas. It will demonstrate various ways Canvas can support on-ground instruction.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of this workshop, participants will be able identify pedagogical and pragmatic reasons why Canvas can enrich the learning environment of their on-ground classrooms and do so while bringing time-saving conveniences to students and themselves.   

Increasing Online Student Engagement with Canvas

Strategic Goal: Teaching & Learning
Research has shown that one of the primary elements of good online instruction is student engagement. However, how do you get a group of students “engaged?” In this workshop, you will learn some specific strategies for energizing learners through course activities, social learning, and instructor presence.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of this session, participants will be able to identify and wide variety of Canvas tools to facilitate student engagement.

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Upload, Caption and Share Instructional Videos Using 3CMedia


Strategic Goal: Technological Advancement
Learn how to store and share your videos and other media using 3C Media Solutions. It’s easy, searchable, available 24/7, and FREE. This session will present attendees with the services offered to the California Community College System by 3C Media Solutions, (3CMS), the educational media distribution source for video content, podcasts, and event coverage for the 112 campuses of the CCC System.
Attendees will first learn about the practical uses for these services, including how they work in conjunction with CCC Confer and how to leverage the media services offered by 3C Media Solutions to:
•  Provide timely content to students which enhances student success
•  Help better prepare students for classroom discussion
•  Save colleges costs
•  Reach a wider audience
From there, attendees will create their own account with 3CMS and, hands-on, learn how to:
•  Upload videos
•  Bring current YouTube videos into their account
•  Create playlists
•  Share videos/playlists
•  Embed video into their LMS
•  Organize their media
•  Submit videos for captioning
•  License content openly as OERLearning Outcome: Participants will be introduced to the introductory elements of Canvas, and will learn how to request a course shell, upload content into the course, and perform basic functions within the Grade Center of Canvas.
Learning Outcome: By the end of this session, participants will have learned how to store and share your videos and other media using 3C Media Solutions.


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Finding and Adopting Open Textbooks for your Course

Strategic Goal: Institutional Advancement

In this workshop, attendees will be provided with an overview of what open educational resources (OER) are and the advantages of adopting open textbooks. They will have a chance to explore sites that list open textbooks by subject, and will engage in discussion as to how these textbooks can be adopted for a course.
Learning Outcomes: Participants will learn about sites to explore for open educational resources (OER), particularly open (free) textbooks. Participants will be introduced to the process of adopting an open textbook as the required textbook for a course.


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One-on-One Distance Learning Coaching (Online Student Success Program)


In addition to the 8 hours of workshops, faculty will also work one-on-one with the Distance Learning department in the design and calibration of their online or hybrid course.  Faculty may also submit and Independent FLEX project proposal for additional work with the Online Student Success Program. 
Prerequisite: This training is open only to those  who have signed up to participate in the Online Student Success Program through the Distance Learning department. Please email distancelearning@canyons.edu for more information.
CCC Confer

CCC Confer Synchronous Online Meetings 


 To learn more about the certification process for teaching online and hybrid classes, click here.