Health and Safety Emergencies
Fires, broken glass, unknown fumes or odors, trip hazards, etc.  Call ext. 3227; if no answer, dial 7 for the switchboard.
Energy Management/HVAC
Adjustments for abnormal heating, air conditioning or ventilation, lighting systems, etc. If your area has an HVAC problem, please call our hotline at ext. 5555.
Custodial Services
Restrooms, offices, moving of furniture, boxes, equipment, etc.
Building Maintenance
Doors, electrical, elevators, lighting, graffiti removal, plumbing, pest control, roof leaks, painting, signs, install miscellaneous office and classroom items, etc.
Plants, flowers, trees, empty trash cans, field maintenance, irrigation, clean parking lots.
Civic Center
College events that require room and/or facility reservations, setup of chairs, tables, signs, etc. Please fill out the Employee Facility online request form.
Send, receive and distribute packages.
Repair doors and hardware, add, delete alter and/or replace standard and TEK keys.Key Requisition Form.pdfKey Requisition Form.pdf
Telecommunications and Data
Moves, adds and changes to the telephone, voicemail and data communication systems. Voicemail Set Up Procedure.pdfVoicemail Set Up Procedure.pdf
Voice Mail Quick User Tips.pdfVoice Mail Quick User Tips.pdf
Voice Mail Quick Reference Card.pdfVoice Mail Quick Reference Card.pdf