Higher One

Beginning Fall 2012, College of the Canyons will be partnering with Higher One, to bring a new method for receiving financial aid disbursements.

What does this mean for students?

A Higher One Debit MasterCard will be sent to all financial aid applicants with detailed instructions on how to choose the method of disbursement. It is important that you follow the instructions from Higher One and CHOOSE how you would like your financial aid disbursement sent to you. You can choose to activate the Higher One account (the debit card sent to you) and have your financial aid funds deposited there, OR you can choose to have your funds deposited into an existing checking/savings account, OR you can choose to have a paper check sent to you.

Why are we making this change?

We’ve made the switch to Higher One services to offer our students choices on how they prefer to receive their financial aid funds.

What do students need to do?

Make sure we have your current mailing address! Here’s how:
  • Login to my.canyons.edu with your username and password.
  • Under the My Canyons Profile section, click "Change Contact Information"
Then, beginning in August look for the BRIGHT GREEN ENVELOPE from Higher One! Once it arrives, you’ll simply use the card inside to let us know how you would like to receive your money. Just choose the option that best fits you…and be sure to get started as soon as it arrives! Remember, even if you are ineligible for financial aid at College of the Canyons; do not throw the card away. You will need this card to receive your financial aid disbursements if your eligibility changes in future semesters, so don’t wait.

What are the fees for the OneAccount, OneAccount edge, or the OneAccount Premier?

Important!  Fees may vary by school and account type.  CLICK HERE to view the Fee Schedules for Higher One Accounts. 


New Information for OneAccount holders:

Effective January 3, 2013 the OneAccount Fee Schedule is changing:
  • A Monthly Service fee of $3.95 will be charged to non-students who do not direct deposit $100 or more per month. Students will not be charged a Monthly Service fee. Students are defined as those who have received a financial aid disbursement to their account in the past 6 months or are self-identified as a student on their program website. (To self-identify, students should log in to their account, click “User Profile” and update Enrollment Status). Please note that a financial aid disbursement does not qualify as a direct deposit.
  • The Abandoned Account fee has been removed.
  • Higher One will no longer charger Insufficient Funds or Unavailable Funds fees on any reoccurring debit card transactions.
  • Regarding Non-Higher One ATM fees, Higher One will only charge up to one non-Higher One ATM decline fee and up to one non-Higher One balance inquiry fee per day.

Have additional questions?

Visit www.canyonschoicecard.com to learn more about the all-new Canyons Choice Card coming to College of the Canyons this Fall.