Construction of College Community Garden begins!
Submitted by: Juli Mosier
May 23, 2012
The Gardens of the Canyons Committee is pleased to announce that construction of the College Community Garden is under way. Please see the diagram at right showing the layout for the garden. The garden is located on the grassy corner across from Aliso Lab and Towsley Hall. When completed, the garden will feature 24 individual planter boxes that can be maintained by student clubs, campus departments, faculty, staff and students. Compost bins also will be available. For a nominal fee, a college group or individual can rent one or more of these boxes and grow their own vegetables!
We have been fortunate to receive a number of generous donations that have allowed us to develop this garden. The fence surrounding the garden (see photos) was installed Tuesday, May 22. The space will be graded and the irrigation system installed in several weeks. The garden plots and compost bins are being built by local Eagle Scouts. Eventually, we plan to add fruit trees to the hillside and a deck space that can be used for gardening lectures.
We anticipate construction will be completed in July and the boxes available Aug. 1. A number of student groups, faculty and staff have already expressed interest in renting boxes. If you are interested, contact Sheri Barke at With the limited number of boxes available, they are being rented on a first-come, first-served basis.
Thanks to Sheri Barke, Jeannie Chari, Monica Marshall and Foundation Board Member Diane Benjamin for their leadership in designing and marketing this garden space, and to the College of the Canyons Foundation for helping us secure donations for fencing, irrigation, compost and wood for the planter boxes. A special thanks to Chancellor Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook, whose vision, guidance and support has allowed this idea to become a reality.

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