Chancellor’s Office – SB1070
$1.09 million over two years for CTE planning and program implementation for the South Central Region              
Project Director: Karen Nicholas
Status: Approved January  2015
Chancellor’s Office – IDRC
$229,836 over 2 years to create a Health Information Management certificate with Saddleback and Santa Barbara City colleges
Project Director: Paula Hodge
Status: Approved February  2015
State of California Office of Statewide Health & Planning
$12,000 to partner with schools districts to send middle/high school students to attend national “Men in Nursing” conference hosted by DSNs in November.
Project Director: John Cordova
Status: Approved March 2015
Chancellor's Office - CTE enhancement
$328,500 one-time funds for program enhancements to Culinary Arts, EMT, and Welding.
Project Director: Kristin Houser
Status: Approved March 2015
National Endowment of the Arts
$10,000 for activities for the PAC performance of Elizabeth Streb’s “Forces” in spring 2016.
Project Director: Carmen Dominguez
Status: Approved March 2015
Chancellor’s Office – Closed Captioning Fiscal Agent
$500,000 augmentation for grant.
Project Director: James Glapa-Grossklag
Status: Approved March 2015
Wells Fargo
$10,000 for SBDC
Project Director: John Hoskinson
Status: Approved April 2015
Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
$50,000 for FY 15/16 for K-12 arts and education outreach.
Project Director: Carmen Dominguez
Status: Approved April 2015
Chancellor's Office
$550,000 for communications, professional development, and logistics hub fiscal agent (formerly EWD coordination services grant).
Project Director: Tim Honadel
Status: Approved April 2015
$95,394 for an exchange with the US Virgin Islnds in conjunction with the CREATE grant.
Project Director: Kathy Alfano
Status: Approved April 2015
California Department of Education - Career Pathways Trust
$5,550,412 for 2 years to complete pathways for Paralegal/Administrative Justice, Information Technology and Advanced Manufacturing and Construction trades.
Project Director: Audrey Green
Status: Approved May 2015