To Become a Certified Peer Educator in the CPE Program


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What are the requirements for becoming a peer educator?


         ·      A 2.0 cumulative GPA

         ·      Completion of a 12 hour peer leader training

         ·      Good interpersonal and communication skills

         ·      Strong work ethic

         ·      High standards for ethics and integrity

         ·      Respect for the university and its students, faculty, and staff


What do peer leaders do?


         ·      Help students by answering questions and acting as a resource

         ·      Plan activities and facilitate outreach

         ·      Develop positive relationships with students


Goals for peer educators;


         ·      To provide new students with the skills and information they need in order to create a smooth transition to college life.

         ·      To provide students with information about campus resources and campus activities ad events.

         ·      To help new students feel an early sense of belonging at College of the Canyons

         ·      To facilitate students’ developing a supportive environment​ 

Below is the link to our counselor form. We have no guarantees but we will always get back to you as soon as we can and try to help you in every way we can.