Who Are We?/What is CPE? 
Cougar Peer Educators (CPEs) are a group of College of the Canyon students promoting awareness of mental health issues and health education through student integration and outreach. CPEs are trained and certified through the nationally recognized NASPA/Bacchus Network.
The Goals of the CPE Program:
Promotes campus leadership and participation in activities aimed​ at education related to personal wellness and healthy lifestyle behaviors. 
CPEs collaboratively impact the campus through communities towards healthier lifestyles.
  • Health educative activities regarding alcohol/ drug use, unhealthy sexual stress, practices, tobacco use, and other high risk behaviors
  • Awareness outreach on mental health issues and the importance of crisis intervention and suicide prevention
  • Promotion of MHFA, SafeZone, SPIRT training
  • Reduce stigma associated with mental illness
Sounds like something you want to do? Check out member requirements and how to become a member. ​​​​