About Us

The mission of the Student Health & Wellness Center is to help keep students physically and mentally healthy so that they can succeed in school and life. 

We provide clinical services, health education, referrals, and assistance in getting health insurance.
  • Interim Director, LCSW
    Larry Schallert
  • Office Manager
    Gayle Freund
  • Receptionist
    Diane LoPresti
  • Medical Director
    Brian Downs, DO
  • Medical Assistant                                                                        Amy Silva
  • Sports & Wellness Dietitian
    Sheri Barke, MPH, RD, CSSD
  • Clinical Psychologists
    Frances Willson, PhD
    Larry Resendez, PsyD
  • Nursing Staff
    Audrey Burgdorfer, RN , BSN, PHN                                    Debbie Sargent, MSN, FNP
Marriage and Family Therapist
Brian Flame, Psy.D., LMFT                                            Heather Rousselo, MFT