Mental Health

Welcome to College of the Canyons Student Health & Wellness Center mental health services program. If you are currently enrolled in classes at COC, you are able to obtain free counseling from a mental health professional.  Our team of clinicians are here to help you manage your stress and to enhance the quality of your life at COC. With help from our dedicated multidisciplinary team, you will be in a better position to overcome challenges and reach your potential, both academically and personally. Mental health counseling can improve your sense of well-being, optimism and self esteem. Our services reflect an understanding and respect for diversity, and we are here to support your emotional health.
Recent research by Dr. Daniel Goleman (Harvard) and Dr. Peter Salovey (Yale) have confirmed our observations and common sense. Your Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and the facts you learn account for less than 25% of your ability to be successful in life. People who have a high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) understand and manage strong feelings, persist in the face of frustrations and traumas, build strong healthy relationships, can listen well and lead others, and are more likely to be both happy and successful in their lives. These aspects of Emotional Intelligence are skills that we can help you to learn.
Psychological counseling is available at no cost to currently enrolled COC students for up to six visits per semester. Students meet with counselors at the Student Health & Wellness Center on the Valencia campus, Student Center 122. Common reasons to see a counselor include: relationship problems, loss of a loved one, shyness/loneliness, concerns about the future, anxiety interfering with academic success, anger/mood instability, exposure to traumatic events, depression, drug or alcohol issues, or as one part of an assessment for medical symptoms.

Services available:

  • Short term individual, couple or group counseling,
  • Education and prevention programs, including classroom presentations,
  • Sponsor of Let's club, and
  • Referrals to community resources when long-term counseling is needed.
All services are completely confidential, with certain legal exceptions. Medical and psychological counseling records at the Student Health & Wellness Center are confidential and kept separate from any other student records. Information can be released only when permission is granted in writing by the student. Appointments are recommended; crisis counseling is available whenever the health center is open.

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Health Insurance

Students and their dependents have access to a low cost, voluntary group medical-surgical hospital insurance plan..
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