Clinical Services

All services are completely confidential (with special legal exceptions) and are low cost or free. Call 661-362-3259 for an appointment.
Most services are FREE.

Blood pressure checks

  • Blood glucose and cholesterol screenings
  • First aid
  • TB skin tests
  • Diagnosis and treatment of short term illnesses
  • Prescription medication
  • Self Help Center (non prescription medication)
  • Vaccinations (May be free if eligible for Vaccines for Children or vaccine assistance program)Immunizations 
    NOTE:  Allied health requires that all students have the following:
    • TB
    • Hep B series and titer
    • MMR and titers
    • Varicella and titer
    • Flu
    • Tdap

  • Men's & Women's Clinic
    • Birth control and emergency contraceptive pills prescriptions
    • Condoms (either prescription, or 12 for $2.00)
    • Depo-provera
    • Family planning information, health education and counseling
    • Pregnancy test
    • Pap test with health screening
    • STD screening and treatment
    • Confidential and anonymous HIV testing (results in one week)

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