What is SNAC?
SNAC (Student Nutrition & Wellness Advocates at COC) is a student club committed to promoting health and wellness on campus and in the community (with a particular focus on promoting healthy eating, physical activity, stress management, and body image).
SNAC also provides training and supervised worked experience to students interested in nutrition, health, and fitness careers.
Through education, outreach, and environmental action, SNAC aims to…
  • Help students eat well, be active, and feel good.
  • Empower students to cope with stress in healthy ways.
  • Encourage students to set healthy boundaries with food, exercise, rest, school, work, and play to maintain balance.
  • Promote health and fitness at every shape and size, rather than being thin or muscular at any cost.
  • Create an environment that supports and encourages positive attitudes and healthy lifestyle behaviors.
SNAC members work together to promote healthy attitudes and lifestyle behaviors by planning and implementing the following:
Education Activities
  • SNAC Eating Disorder/Body Image Awareness Seminars & Events
  • SNAC Body Mind Wellness (BMW) Seminars & Events
  • SNAC Cooking Workshops and Fuel Stations (recipe demo/tasting and Q & A with Sports Dietitian Sheri Barke)
Outreach Activities
  • Social marketing via SNAC's Facebook & Instagram pages
  • Classroom presentations about the health and wellness services and resources available on campus
  • SNAC tables at various campus and community health fairs and events
Environmental Action Projects
  • SNAC's Meatless Monday and College Community Garden projects (to help create a healthier food environment)
  • SNAC's Fitness Walk around campus and Hiking field trips (to help create more opportunities for physical activity)
  • SNAC's "EveryBODY is Beautiful" fashion show (to help challenge superficial and unrealistic beauty ideals in the media) 
SNAC Constitution2012.pdfSNAC Constitution2012.pdf- Revised Spring, 2012
SNAC is sponsored by the COC Student Health & Wellness Center. For more information, contact faculty advisor Sheri Barke, MPH, RD at sheri.barke@canyons.edu or 661-362-3244.