Applicant: Transfer Student (Inside the U.S.)
An international transfer applicant is a student who wishes to study full-time at College of the Canyons on an F-1 (student) visa or J-1 (exchange) visa, who possesses an F-1 (student) visa or J-1 (exchange) visa, who is currently studying at an accredited community college or university in the United States, and who is applying from inside the United States. The ISP office is able to issue an acceptance letter and request for SEVIS record transfer to the transfer-out school if you are current in your F-1 (student) or J-1 (exchange) status and complete all the following within the deadline:
Items to Complete
International transfer applicants (inside the U.S.) to College of the Canyons are required to complete the following:
  1. Submit the ISP Application Form​​​ to isp@canyons.ed​​u or in person at the ISP Office at the Valencia campus. When submitting the application, make sure to attach a current photo of yourself outside of your passport or visa photo. This photo must be recent, and may be either a selfie you have taken, or a photo someone else has taken of you.
  2. Provide a bank statement dated between 180 days and 60 days of the start of your classes. This bank statement must show, at minimum, the amount listed on the tuition and fees page for the academic year.
  3. If you are being sponsored by someone outside the U.S. or are sponsoring yourself, submit the Affidavit of Financial Support Form. If you are being sponsored by someone inside the U.S., submit the I-34 form in addition to submitting an Affidavit of Financial Support​.
  4. Have a licensed physician or medical professional fill out a Freedom From Tuberculosis Form. Applicants are required to demonstrate that they are free of tuberculosis infection or are on a medically approved treatment plan. Please submit this form yourself to
  5. Submit proof of completion of secondary education with the list of courses taken. Typically, this is a copy of your graduation certificate/diploma. If credit courses were taken at any U.S. educational institutions, official transcripts from all U.S. institutions are required for admission.
  6. Submit a copy of your passport's picture page(s) that shows the expiration date, name, picture, and date of birth.
  7. Submit a copy of your F-1 (student) or J-1 (exchange) visa.
  8. Submit a copy of your most recent I-94 form.
  9. Submit a copy of pages 1 and 2 of your most recent I-20.
  10. Submit a Transfer Clearance Form​, completed by your transfer-out school.
  11. Submit proof of English proficiency* (see table below).

*If your tested English language proficiency is below the accepted level, you may still apply with a major in English Language Training.


English Language Requirement 

The English language tests and minimum scores listed in the table below are accepted by College of the Canyons for international applicants.


​Test Name and Website​
Score Range Required​​ for
Score Range Required for Pathways​ Score Range for Associates Level Acceptance​
Duolingo ​26-49​ ​50-75 ​76-100
TOEFL ​iBT 45-49 ​iBT 50-75 ​iBT 76-120
IELTS​ 5.0 ​5.5-6.0 ​6.5-9.0
EIKEN 5-Pre 2 ​2-2A​ ​Pre 1-1​
EF SET Plus​ ​31-49 ​50-75 76-100

 Alternative proof of English language proficiency includes:

  • Proof of citizenship from a country that uses English as a primary language in its educational system;
  • Transcripts from a U.S. college or university verifying a minimum of one year attendance and completion of General Education classes with a GPA of 2.0 or above;
  • Transcripts from a college or university that provides instruction in English verifying a minimum of one year attendance and completion of General Education classes with a GPA of 2.0 or above;
  • Graduation certification or transcripts verifying graduation from a U.S. high school.
EFSET Scores Here is the interpretation and admittance guide for the EFSET test. Scores are based on the Common European ​Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) language proficiency levels.
After You Apply
As soon as you are accepted to College of the Canyons:
  1. Complete the College of the Canyons Online Orientation through your My Canyons account.
  2. RSVP for the on-campus Mandatory N​ew Student Orientation​.

As soon you arrive in Santa Clarita:

  1. Provide ISP with an official copy of your high school and college transcripts and a copy of your diploma/certificates.
  2. Provide us with evidence of health insurance**.

**Insurance from MediCal and Medicaid do not meet this requirement.