Applicants—Tuition, Fees, and Living Expenses Estimates


This information is provided for determining financial capability in preparation for applying to the College.
All currency in US Dollars.
Tuition and Fees for one academic year (24 units):  $6,457
Books and Supplies Fees for one academic year:  $1,000
Living Expenses for one academic year:  $12,450
Typical living expenses based on a 10 month academic year:
·         Room rent: $705 per month
·         Food and other living costs:  $400 per month
·         Bus pass:  $40 per month x 10 months
·         Health Insurance:  $100 per month

 Total Minimum Required Funding for One Academic Year:  $19,907
Every effort is made to keep this list accurate.
Contact if you have questions.

For details on the College fee structure, please refer to this link:

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