Applicants—Tuition, Fees, and Living Expenses Estimates


This information is provided for determining financial capability in preparation for applying to the College.
All currency in US Dollars.
Tuition increase for non-resident students for 2017-2018 approved by the Board of Trustees on January 2017
Tuition and Fees for Summer 2017 - Spring 2018 (30 units):  $8,730
Books and Supplies Fees for 12-month Enrollment:  $1,250
Living Expenses for 12-month Enrollment:  $14,940
Typical living expenses based on a 12-month Enrollment:
·         Room rent: $705 per month
·         Food and other living costs:  $400 per month
·         Bus pass:  $40 per month x 12 months
·         Health Insurance:  $100 per month
       Total: $24,920

       Tuition and Fees for Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 (24 units): $6,984
       Books and Supplies for One Academic Year: $1,000
       Living Expenses for One Academic Year: $12,450​​​
       Typical living expenses based on a 12-month Enrollment:
·         Room rent: $705 per month
·         Food and other living costs:  $400 per month
·         Bus pass:  $40 per month x 12 months
·         Health Insurance:  $100 per month

 Total Minimum Required Funding for One Academic Year:  $20,434
Every effort is made to keep this list accurate.
Contact if you have questions.

For details on the College fee structure, please refer to this link:

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