Concurrent Enrollment

Effective January 1, 2003, regulations allow an F-1 student to be enrolled in two different SEVIS-approved F-1 schools at the same time (concurrent enrollment), as long as the enrollment in both schools amounts to a full time course of study.
A student should ask for a Reduced Course Load (RCL) authorization to the ISP office and bring a registration record, at the beginning of the semester, and a grade report, at the end of the semester, from another school. Otherwise, a student's RCL will be reported to SEVIS as "Failure to maintain F-1 status."

Independent Study Concurrent Enrollment Agreement Form


The concurrent enrollment provision is applicable only to those who will be registered less than full-time at the school that issued their I-20, and who are relying on enrollment at another school in order to meet the requirement that they be enrolled for a full course of study. As long as a student is enrolled full-time at the institution that issued his or her Form I-20, he or she does not need special permission to take an additional class at another school.