Applicants - Change of status

 Applicants who are in current, unexpired immigrant or non-immigrant status and are eligibible to petition to change their current status, may apply with following documents to obtain a certificate of eligibility to change their status to F1 student:
  • 1. ISP Application form
  • 2. Tuberculosis (TB) clearance form for skin tests or chest x-ray results
  • 3. A bank account statement, issued no earlier than 2 months before the application deadline, which shows that you have sufficient financial means for studying and for living expenses for one academic year.
  • 4. The applicant's sponsors who reside outside the United States must complete and sign this Affidavit of support form
  • US-residing sponsors would complete form I-134 and attach the supporting evidence required in the form's instructions.
  • 5. Proof of English proficiency evidencedProof of English proficiency evidenced by one of the following documents:
    • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score report with a minimum score of 450 Paper Base Test (PBT) or133 Computer-based Test (CBT) or 45 Internet-based Test (IBT) (Institutional TOEFL score will not be accepted)
    • Proof of citizenship from a country that uses English as the primary language in its educational system
    • Transcripts from a U.S. college/university verifying minimum of one year attendance and completion of General Education classes other than English as a Second Language while maintaining a GPA of 2.0 or above.
    • Graduation certificate/transcripts verifying graduation from a U.S. high school.
    • STEP Eiken Test, Level 2 score report with a minimum score of 450 points.
    • Official Academic IELTS test score document with a minimum of 5.0 points.
  • 6. Certified copies of documents which prove completion of secondary education. Examples include diplomas, transcripts, or valid equivalency tests results.
  • 8. Copy of passport page(s) that shows the expiration date, name, picture and date of birth.
  • 9. Copy of the current visa pageCopy of visa page
  • 10. Copy of the most recent I-94 form
  • 11. US higher education transcripts of courses completed in all US institutions ifever attended.
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