Applicant - Transfer Student

International Services and Programs office is able to issue an acceptance letter and request for SEVIS record transfer to the transfer out school if the applicant is current in their F1 student status and submits all the following document within the deadline:

  1.  ISP Application form with a passport size photo (2in.x2in. size)


  2. Tuberculosis (TB) clearance form for skin tests or chest x-ray results


  3. Recently issued * official financial document which proves that you have sufficient financial support. 

  •           Please visit the Tution & Fees page for more Information. 
    • *The financial documents must be issued no earlier than 2 months before the application deadline
  4. Affidavit of support ​ is required from the applicant's sponsors who reside outside the United States.
  • US-residing sponsors would complete form I-134 and attach the supporting evidence required in the form's instructions

  5. Proof of English proficiency evidenced by one of the following documents:

    • -TOEFL score report with a minimum score of:
    • 450 Paper Base Test (PBT) or133 Computer-based Test (CBT) or 45 Internet-based Test (IBT). Institutional TOEFL score will not be accepted.
    • -Proof of citizenship from a country that uses English as the primary language in its educational system
    • -Transcripts from a U.S. college/university verifying minimum of one year attendance and completion of General Education classes with GPA of 2.0 or above.
    • -Graduation certificate/transcripts verifying graduation from a U.S. high school.
    • -STEP Eiken Test, Level 2 score report with a minimum score of 450 points.
    • -Academic IELTS test score document with a minimum of 5.0 points

   6. Proof of completion of secondary education. Examples include diplomas, transcripts or valid equivalency tests results


   7. Application statement detailing personal and educational goals and the applicant's plans to meet such goals at College of the Canyons


    8. Copy of the passport 's picture page(s) that shows the expiration date, name, picture and date of birth. 



    9. Copy of the F1 student visa 



   10. Copy of the most recent entry I-94 form  



   11. Copy of page 1 and 3 of your most recent I-20 



   12. Official transcripts from all US College Universities if attended


   13. Transfer out form​ completed by the transfer out school after the College of the Canyons acceptance verification form is issued.