Community College Education

 (36 hours, equivalent to 2 units)

Course Description:
A survey of the development and impact of the community college in the united states including an examination of the history, organization, programs, population served and social role of the largest institution of higher education in the world. The course will focus primarily on the California Community Colleges. Participants will also investigate their role within this system.


Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the general characteristics of a community college in terms of mission, population, statewide, and local structure. Funding mechanisms, programs and services.

  • Describe , compare and contrast different educational approaches and services provide for the community college student

  • Prepare a critical analysis and discuss future challenges, roles and directions for community colleges.

  • Identify and discuss the essential characteristics of a successful community college instructor and leader.

Topic Outline:

  1. History, Philosophy and Purpose

  2. Organization, Administration and Finance

  3. Programs and Services

  4. Students and Community

  5. Community College Professionals and Leadership

  6. Future Perspectives

Course requirements:
Class meetings will consist of lecture/discussion, in class group projects, quest speakers and student presentations. A fieldtrip may be scheduled. In addition an on-line survey of key community college sites is required as well as an oral/written report on a contemporary article on Community College issues.

Class meetings:
Community College Education is a 2 unit course-length workshop