Structured Classroom Observation

(18 hours, equivalent to 1 unit)

Course Description & Approach
Structured Observation is designed for practicing teachers. The course provides a practical introduction to the skills and techniques of peer observation. Participants have the opportunity to share and evaluate criteria for classroom observation, to practice the observation process, and to receive critical feedback on their skills of observation and consultation. The class relies heavily on experiential learning and an expectation that participants will derive meaningful professional growth from a process of focused reflection.


Student Outcomes
Participants will:

  • Identify, analyze, and discuss the fundamentals of effective teaching.

  • Examine, analyze, and evaluate the use of lesson planning and plan a lesson.

  • Discuss, demonstrate, and evaluate the skills of effective classroom observation and feedback.

  • Write a reflective paper in which the experiential learning resulting from the process is described and elucidated.

Topic Outline

  1. Lesson Planning

  2. Classroom Observation

  3. Feedback Techniques

  4. Experiential Learning

Course Requirements
Participants will be expected to plan two lessons, which will be implemented in a regular classroom setting. Both lessons will be observed by a peer who will provide feedback on the observation. Conversely, each participant will observe a peer’s lesson and provide feedback. At the end of the course each participant will submit a reflective paper.


Class Meetings
Structured Observation is a 1 unit course and normally meets two hours per week for nine weeks.