ITL 088: Introduction to Educational Technology

(17 hours, equivalent to 1 unit)

Course Description
Explores present and emerging technologies used for educational purposes, including email and the Internet in the educational environment. More advanced technologies such as presentation software and database management systems are presented and discussed.

Student Learning Outcomes
Examine, evaluate, and demonstrate a variety of technological tools for instructional purposes.

Topic Outline (including but not restricted to the following)

  1. Introduction to Educational Technology

  2. E-Mail as a Communication Tool

  3. Electronic spreadsheets as Record-keeping Tool

  4. Presentation software

  5. Course management systems

  6. Other software applications for the classroom use


Course Requirements
Students will read "Evaluation of Web Design for the College Course" and apply criteria to their own existing or proposed web site. Students will read articles and evaluate technology tools available for use in the classroom by visiting instructional technology websites. Students will participate in an online discussion board. Students will write a lesson plan that demonstrates the integration of technology into an instructional setting. Students will develop and present a proposal to integrate selected technology into the curriculum.

Class Meetings
During class meetings, students will be taught skills in using word processing, record-keeping, and presentation software for classroom use. Students will be taught Internet skills including email, web browsing, searches, and web page creation to facilitate classroom communication. Students will be taught course management system basics.