ITL 101: Fundamentals of Teaching

(36 hours, equivalent to 2 units)

Course Description
Developing a coherent teaching philosophy requires that we address and answer some of the most fundamental questions related to teaching and learning. Education 101 gives teachers, no matter where they are in their careers, a chance to discuss these fundamentals with others and to learn new ideas about an array of teaching topics. The course is designed to help teachers to refocus and reenergize their teaching through the exploration and identification of one’s most basic teaching values, beliefs, and purposes, as well as the teaching techniques that accompany them.

Student Learning Outcomes
The student will be able to:

  • Identify the fundamental choices that teachers make in the development of a teaching philosophy.

  • Explain his or her teaching philosophy.

Topic Outline (including but not restricted to the following)

  1. The Self-reflective Teacher

  2. Developing a Teaching Philosophy

  3. Teaching Goals & Teaching Styles

  4. Classroom Assessment Techniques

  5. Students and Student Diversity

  6. Teacher Centered vs. Student Centered Teaching

  7. Active Learning

  8. The Teaching Environment

  9. The Shadow Curriculum


Course Requirements
Participants will divide their time between face-to-face sessions (2 hours per week) and online activities (1 hour per week). There will be weekly readings from The Skillful Teacher by Stephen Brookfield and some weekly homework. The final project for the course is a two-page statement of teaching philosophy.

Class Meetings
101 is like a two-unit course and will be offered on Wednesdays from 4:25-6:25 beginning September 10th, 2008 and running through November 19th. Offered in a hybrid format, one-third of the course will be online, allowing for a more flexible schedule. Both segments combined compose approximately 33 hours of course work.