ITL 106: Introduction to Online Teaching & Learning

(36 hours, equivalent to 2 units)


Course Description
Examines components of online education, including regular effective contact, student collaboration, assessment, and technical issues such as access and support. Appropriate for either practicing or future teachers.


Student Learning Outcomes
Evaluate online strategies to promote student learning.
Analyze challenges of teaching and learning in an online environment.

Topic Outline (including but not restricted to the following)

  1. Face-to-face versus Online Education

  2. Online Tools to Facilitate Contact

  3. Online Assessment

  4. Access and Support

  5. Trends in Online Teaching and Learning

Course Requirements
In this course, we will explore the application of learning theories for online learners; characteristics of online learners; differences between face-to-face and online learning; resources for online teaching and learning; best practices of effective online communication; the nature of online assessments; and how to make online content accessible to all users, in compliance with Section 508. The course is designed so that you will experience the various components of an online course from both student and instructor perspectives. In short, the course will assist everyone in their quest to provide students with an outstanding online learning experience.

Although you will become adept at using common online teaching tools, our course is not about technology, but rather about pedagogy, not about the newest technological tools, but rather about teaching strategies. You will use a variety of Blackboard features; however, this class will not train you to build your own course within Blackboard. To learn how to build your online class within Blackboard, we encourage you to participate in the college’s technology training workshops.

Class Meetings
Because this is a fully online course, all class meetings occur at the class website. 106 is like a 2-unit class, translating into 34 hours of in-class work. Accordingly, over a period of 6 to 8 weeks, participants should expect to spend 4-5 hours per week on the class website. In addition to the 4-5 hours of class website participation, students will complete home work assignments typical to all College of the Canyons courses.